Receipts on contributions to state social insurance exceed AZN 4.6 bn for Jan-Nov

17:12 - 8.12.2023

December 8, Fineko/ Over Jan-Nov 2023, receipts on contributions to compulsory state social insurance increased by 13.9% or AZN 565.2 million versus Jan-Nov 2022, exceeding AZN 4.6 bn.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Tax Service that revenues from non-budgetary organizations increased by 15.8% against Jan-Nov 2022 and exceeded AZN 3 bn.

Income from unemployment insurance premiums grew by 15.2% up to AZN 163.6 million, while income from non-budgetary organizations by 16.4% up to AZN 121.2 million.

Receipts on contributions to compulsory medical insurance increased by 14.8% up to about AZN 842 million. Revenues from non-budgetary organizations grew by 17% up to AZN 593.3 million.

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