Contracts of Naxchivansigorta to be transferred to this company

17:17 - 8.12.2023

December 8, Fineko/ A unanimous decision was made on the voluntary liquidation of Naxchivansigorta at the last meeting of company’s general meeting, ABC.AZ reports, referring to the Naxchivansigorta liquidation commission.

In this regard, the Central Bank received an appeal to cancel the insurance license from May 13, 2022, and company's license was canceled in compliance with CBA Board’s decision from December 6, 2023.

"An agreement has been reached with the relevant company on the transfer of company’s all existing voluntary and compulsory insurance contracts with the consent of the policyholders to Ateshgah Sigorta OJSC. The obligations of the insurer under the relevant contracts will be performed by Ateshgah Sigorta OJSC from the date of transfer.

The company will fully and timely fulfill its obligations to policyholders and all creditors in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan," the commission says.

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