China creates a filter that extracts uranium from seawater

11:30 - 14.12.2023

December 14, Fineko/ Chinese chemists have developed a porous material based on aromatic hydrocarbons that can very effectively absorb ions of uranium compounds from water and accumulate it in its thickness with minimal energy consumption.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to TASS that these filters can be used to extract uranium from the waters of the World Ocean.

The researchers write in their article in journal ACS Central Science that each gram of this material is capable of extracting 12.6 mg of uranium from seawater in three weeks of operation.

This filtration system was developed by a group of Chinese chemists led by Zhao Rui, a professor at Northeastern University in Changchun (China), while studying the properties of porous aromatic frameworks. This is what chemists call polymer materials, similar in structure to honeycombs and consisting of molecules of aromatic organic compounds.

The scientists tested the operation of this filtration system on water samples collected from Bohaiwan Bay in the northwestern part of the Yellow Sea. During three weeks of operation, each gram of PAF-144-AO absorbed 12.6 mg of uranium, which is a record high for all developed systems for extracting this element from the waters of the World Ocean. In the future, such installations will significantly expand the amount of uranium reserves available to humans on Earth, the chemists sum up.

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