Two parks to be created in Baku

17:21 - 8.01.2024

January 8, Fineko/ An eco-industrial park will be created in Sabunchi district of Baku.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the Baku City Master Plan until 2040.

The measures on the ecological cleaning of lakes and soils will lead to the allotting large areas of land for maintenance and technical treatment of contaminated lands and their purification. In addition, it will be necessary to plant various plants with different environmental impacts in areas close to the main sources of pollution.

Taking this into account, it is proposed to create an eco-industrial park near the territory of Tamiz Shahar (Clean City) to the north of Boyukshor Lake. The park will make it possible to form a single center for the eco-industrial sector and ensure coordination between various enterprises operating in this area. In addition, an entertainment and educational park of cultural and industrial heritage will be created in the capital.

Thus, according to the plan, it is proposed to create a Cultural and Educational Park of Cultural & Industrial Heritage, which will demonstrate the history of the Baku oil industry, inventions in this field and their impact on world experience, as well as educational materials about the future of the oil industry and related industries.

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