List of cities with the most living foreign citizens

11:29 - 30.01.2024

January 30, Fineko/ It became known in which cities the most foreign citizens are living, ABC.AZ reports with reference to Data Statistics’ study.

Most of the foreign citizens live in Miami, USA.

Only 41.7% of Miami's population are U.S. citizens. 58.3% of Miami's population consists of citizens of different countries.

Here is the list of cities where the most foreign citizens live:

1. Miami, USA: 58.3%

2. Toronto, Canada: 49.0%

3. Sydney, Australia: 45.4%

4. Vancouver, Canada: 42.5%

5. Melbourne, Australia: 41.3%

6. San Jose, USA: 39.3%

7. Los Angeles, USA: 37.7%