Poultry farms to be insured

17:54 - 8.02.2024

February 8, Fineko/abc.az. A meeting has been held between the Agricultural Insurance Fund and the Azerbaijan Association of Poultry Meat & Egg Producers & Exporters.

ABC.AZ reports that at a meeting with the heads of large poultry and broiler enterprises of the country, Agricultural Insurance Fund’s chairman of board Fuad Sadigov informed about Fund’s activity, the principles of the agricultural insurance mechanism, risks and items that it covers.

Fund’s chair noted that one of the goals set is to start insurance of poultry farms. Currently, the institution is conducting research and preliminary calculations on the insurance of poultry farms. In this regard, the best practices of fraternal Türkiye, as well as European countries, are being studied.

The chairman of the Azerbaijan Association of Poultry Meat & Egg Producers & Exporters, which unites more than 50 poultry farms and enterprises, Murvat Hasanli, said that currently about 40,000 people are working in poultry and broiler farms of the country. The country produces 4-4.5 million eggs per day, a total of about 2 billion per year. Part of the egg produced is exported to foreign countries. So, in 2023, 60 million eggs were exported, and in 2024 this figure is expected to reach 100 million.

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