Azerbaijan to produce fertilizers from chicken feathers

17:02 - 9.02.2024

February 9, Fineko/ Aqroplanet LLC, engaged in the manufacture of organic fertilizers, plans to use the feathers of broiler chickens and the remains of unused fish as raw materials for fertilizer production for the first time in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that Ilham Hajiyev, the director of Aqroplanet LLC, informed about this.

He added that amino acids are supposed to be obtained from these products:

"Part of the work has already been done for testing purposes. To start using it in production, it is necessary to go through certain procedures. Amino acids obtained from fish residues are used in the production of fertilizers. These acids are added to chicken feed, some food additives for humans, and they are used for plants."

Hajiyev added that fertilizers made from chicken feathers and amino acids obtained from fish residues are completely organic.

Company’s director also noted that after the launch of production, fertilizers made from these raw materials can be exported to some foreign countries — Uzbekistan, Russia, Estonia and Georgia.

Hajiyev said that they are currently also producing liquid sulfur:

"Sulfur is produced by many manufacturers in powder form. At that, it does not melt, but we melt it and give it a liquid form. Liquid sulfur does not stick to plants like dust."

The director said that so far the country has imported these amino acids and liquid sulfur, and they will be their only producer in the country.


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