Armenia handed over 8 minefield forms to Azerbaijan

10:52 - 12.02.2024

February 12, Fineko/ The Armenian side presented to the Azerbaijani side eight forms of minefields in the occupation-liberated territories of Azerbaijan

ABC.AZ reports with reference to ANAMA that the submitted forms mainly consist of records of the minefields surrounding the Murovdag ridge in the Kalbajar region.

"In accordance with the normative technical rules, the minefield forms indicate the types of mines, the number, the distances between the mines installed, information on the methods of installation and shelter. However, as before, the data presented in the latest forms are inaccurate, unreliable and incomplete. After analyzing the forms, it was found that the specified data did not match the real minefields, and the coordinates of the points were incorrect and useless,” ANAMA said in a statement.

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