Azerbaijan lowers retirement age of these persons

16:03 - 13.02.2024

February 13, Fineko/ The Cabinet of Ministers has amended the List of industries, professions, positions and indicators that give the right to an old-age pension on preferential terms. With the new changes, the list of citizens entitled to a pension on preferential terms has been expanded.

ABC.AZ reports that MP Vugar Bayramov has commented on the new change on his Facebook account.

So, locksmiths for control and measuring devices and automation, engaged in the repair and maintenance of control and measuring devices and automation installations in oil fields, in the field of oil storage and transportation, repair locksmiths directly engaged in the repair of oil-producing equipment, compressor installations at the main production sites, commodity operators, pumping plant machinists, on marine bases, crane operators of stationary cranes on overpasses, gas collection operators, gas distribution station operators will be able to retire earlier.

According to the MP, it is also advisable to proportionally reduce the retirement age of women, depending on the number of children. It would be more appropriate for such a right to apply to women with 3 or more children, rather than 5 children. This would serve to further strengthen the social security of these citizens.

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