Cabinet Ministers to resign

12:47 - 14.02.2024

February 14, Fineko/ The Cabinet of Ministers will resign today.

ABC.AZ reports that Ilham Aliyev, who won the early presidential election held on February 7, took the oath of office today.

According to Part II of Article 103 of the Constitution, from the day of swearing in, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is considered to have begun to exercise his powers.

In accordance with Article 116 of the Constitution, on the day the newly elected president takes office and begins to exercise his powers, the Cabinet of Ministers resigns to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In accordance with Article 121 of the Constitution, the requirements for candidates for members of the Cabinet are also defined. A citizen of Azerbaijan who has higher education, has no obligations to other states, and has the right to participate in elections is appointed to the post of Prime Minister, Deputy PM, minister, and head of another central executive authority. In Article 122 of the Constitution, it was noted that the PM, his deputies, ministers, heads of other central executive bodies may not hold any elected or appointed positions, engage in any entrepreneurial, commercial or other paid activities other than scientific, pedagogical and creative, may not receive a salary, except for official salary, as well as funds received for scientific, pedagogical and creative activity.

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