Additional investments made in STP

12:42 - 16.02.2024

February 16, Fineko/ The authorized capital of Sumgait Technological Park LLC (STP), a resident of the Sumgait Chemical Industry Park, has been slightly increased.

ABC.AZ reports that the authorized capital of the JV during the last operation exceeded 398.39 million manats, an increase of 8.54 million manats or 2.2%.

In June 2023, the authorized capital was increased by 49.43 million manats, in July by 2.3 million manats, in August by 13.06 million manats, in December by 8.7 million manats and in January 2024 by 76.8 million manats.

The STP was established in 2012, with 10 plants operating in its structure, which are JVs or subsidiaries.


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