Strawberries grown by hydroponic method first time in Azerbaijan

15:53 - 16.02.2024

February 16, Fineko/ This year, for the first time in Jalilabad district, with the help of a fully automated system, a crop was grown in a strawberry garden to produce high-quality products that are competitive for export. Unlike traditional fields, strawberries are grown here not in the ground, but in special containers using the hydroponic method.

ABC.AZ reports that the garden uses new technologies to grow competitive crops. The export of strawberries produced here is also expected.

"In order to bring a higher-quality and organic product to world markets, this year we started growing strawberries for the first time in special containers brought to our farm from Sri Lanka. Using this method, it was possible to obtain a product of both good quality and clean, without dust and dirt. This method is also of particular importance for the rapid maturation and entry of the product into the market. Watering and temperature control are carried out here through a computerized system. This is called landless farming. We are very pleased with the result. Unlike sowing in the ground, seaweed and fertilizers are used here," says Ilkin Shafaggatov, an agronomist of the farm.

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