Agroparks sold products for 96 million manats

18:40 - 16.02.2024

February 16, Fineko/ In 2023, Azerbaijan's agricultural parks sold products for 96 million manats.

ABC.AZ reports that Seymur Adigezalov, chairman of board of the Economic Zones Development Agency, said about this.

"Last year, agroparks produced 41,000 tons of wheat, 24,000 tons of barley, 31,000 tons of corn, 78,000 tons of sugar beet, 14,000 tons of potatoes, 1,200 tons of soybeans, 11,000 tons of cotton, 52,000 tons of corn for silage and 11,000 tons of clover," he said.

According to Adigezalov, 66% of the total wheat production was for food, 18% for sowing, and 16% for fodder.

Modern irrigation systems are also being gradually introduced in agricultural parks, he added.

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