Trump launches limited-edition line of sneakers

11:47 - 19.02.2024

February 19, Fineko/ Former President Donald Trump unveiled a shiny new shoe at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia. The high-top sneaker is impressively stylish and fresh. Many urban footwear enthusiasts will surely agree that “it goes hard” (which is a strong statement of approval). The shoe looks like what many rappers, hip-hop stars, and fashion models are wearing right now. It’s therefore no surprise that Trump’s latest product drop sold out within two hours.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to portal Axios that the ‘Never Surrender High-Tops’ are strikingly gold, with a red and white bottom trim. Red and blue American flags with metallic gold stars line the uppers. “Bold, gold, and tough, just like President Trump,” is how they’re described on the website. Only 1,000 pairs were made, each with its own unique number. Trump autographed 10 of them. Sneakerheads usually crave this level of exclusivity. But they can’t buy these. Question is, would they if they could?

People in Trump’s Philadelphia audience were holding signs exclaiming, “Sneakerheads Love Trump”. How many of them do, who are they, and where do they live? Sneakerheads spend $100 or more on shoes and they typically buy three or more pairs each year, according to a recent consumer report. They tend to be millennials, male, and disproportionately Black. They’re likeliest to reside in large urban contexts.

Trump’s sneakers debuted in America’s sixth-largest city, where Black people comprise the single-largest racial group. They’re 40.1% of Philadelphians. Will we find lots of hot ‘Never Surrenders’ in predominantly Black neighborhoods across the City of Brotherly Love? Probably not, as few people who live there have shown up for Trump at the ballot box.

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