A farm for growing champignons and oyster mushrooms has opened in Lachin

16:43 - 21.02.2024

February 21, Fineko/abc.az. After the liberation of Lachin, various workshops and production enterprises are put into operation in the district.

ABC.AZ reports that in addition to workshops, one of the enterprises that started work in the agro-industrial park in Lachin specializes in mushroom farming.

Champignons and oyster mushrooms are grown on the first farm in Lachin. To date, more than 6 tons of products have been produced here.

The mushroom farm, created in Lachin on the initiative of Baku Landscaping Service LLC, consists of two tent-type greenhouses with a total area of 230 m2.

The farm has been open since November. The annual capacity of greenhouses is generally 50-60 tons. The sale of products is carried out mainly in Lachin. Those who work on the farm are also residents of Lachin.

Unlike container-type greenhouses, tents are easier to disassemble and move. The greenhouses have a ventilation and humidification system necessary for growing mushrooms. So, a new mushroom brand Fungi Fresh is presented in Lachin.