Name of place in Baku reserved for Turkish-Azerbaijani University announced

12:19 - 23.02.2024

February 23, Fineko/ One of the most famous historical buildings in Baku has been allotted for the campus of the Turkish-Azerbaijani University.

ABC.AZ reports that chairman of the Council for Higher Education of Türkiye Erol Ozvar stated this in an interview for Milliyet newspaper.

He expressed confidence that establishment of the Turkish-Azerbaijani University will become one of the important stages in higher education in the world: "If activity of the educational institution is well organized and properly managed, it is likely that similar universities will be established in many countries soon."

Ozvar added that necessary steps will be taken in this direction: "Both countries and our presidents are determined to provide all possible support in this matter. The interest in the project is so great that it will be difficult for us to choose which universities to include here. We’ve always borrowed such models from others, but now they exist with us. We’ve created a unique model, such as the Anatolian Lyceums, and we must preserve it."

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