Azerbaijan reported on persimmon sales abroad for 2023

12:38 - 23.02.2024

February 23, Fineko/ Azerbaijan exported 164,906 tons of persimmons for $127.195 million in 2023.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Customs Committee that export figures grew by $13.82 million (12.2%) in quantitative terms and by 17,274 tons (11.7%) in quantitative terms.

In 2022, the country exported 147,632 tons of persimmons for $113.37 million abroad.

Thus, the export price of a ton of persimmon was $771 in 2023 and $768 for 2022. Last year, this figure increased by $3 (by 0.4%).

The main countries to which Azerbaijan exported persimmons were Russia, Ukraine, Türkiye, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

The country to which Azerbaijan sold persimmons the most expensive was Belarus. A kilogram of persimmons sold to this country averaged 1 manat 61 gapiks.

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