These products have gone up in price — Report

17:55 - 23.02.2024

February 23, Fineko/ If to characterize the price changes in the construction materials market in 2024, then decrease in prices in 2023 can be observed.


ABC.AZ reports that valuation company Vecon Consulting shared a comparative analysis of the construction materials market over the past year.

For example, compared with January 2023, lumber became cheaper by 12.1-13.2%. And for the year, this figure was 12.65%. The downward trend in prices in the retail and wholesale markets is characterized by an increase in market participants and the mass of the material offered. The removal of barriers to the import of building materials from neighboring countries compared with previous years, as well as growth of local production during the period of restrictions in order to compensate for shortage of materials, an increase in production capacity are among the main factors of the above-mentioned reduction in price.

Despite the fact that the price of rebar from basic building materials grew by 2.4% against January 2023, the price remained unchanged at the beginning of the year. Attention is attracted by serious decrease in prices for dict. So, compared with January 2023, there was decrease of 14.8-16%. At the beginning of the year, there was difference in these figures. Thus, dict with thickness of 15 mm fell in price by 2.6%, and dict with thickness of 18 mm rose in price by 2.2%.

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