Another country starts buying gasoline AI-92 from Azerbaijan

10:52 - 26.02.2024

February 26, Fineko/ Azerbaijan has started exporting gasoline AI-92 to Uzbekistan since December 2023.

ABC.AZ reports that Uzbekistan purchased 2,321 tons (for $1.51 million) of motor gasoline with octane rating of 92 from Azerbaijan.

Gasoline was exported at the price of $650 per ton, which is 1,106 manats.

The price for AI-92 is regulated in the domestic market by the Tariff Council. Starting from January 4, 2021, the wholesale price per AI-92 is 1,175.8 manats, and the retail price is $1,310.

In total, Azerbaijan sold 33,112 tons for $23.01 million of motor gasoline abroad in 2023.

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