Archaeological park to be created in Khojali

12:01 - 26.02.2024

February 26, Fineko/ The monuments in Khojali, reflecting the historical past of the Azerbaijani people and severely damaged during the Armenian occupation, testify that in the 2nd half of the II – early I millennium BC, this territory was a large settlement.

ABC.AZ reports that the area of the Khojali necropolis, located mostly in the Big Kurgan steppe, is 200 hectares. The Khachatepe Mound with two peaks has diameter of 300 m.

The study and restoration of monuments that the Armenians tried to destroy and hide in order to destroy ancient memory will open a new page in historical science.

The Khojali monument complex, spanning more than three millennia, is important from angle of studying the material and cultural heritage not only of Azerbaijan, but also of the Caucasus and the Turkic world as a whole.

The staff of the Institute of Archaeology & Anthropology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan has begun preliminary research work on the territory. Inspection of the territory was carried out, the current state of archaeological sites was studied. According to experts, the new study will reveal valuable historical facts about the history of Karabakh.

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