Azerbaijan became main exporter of oil to these countries

17:41 - 26.02.2024

February 26, Fineko/ Azerbaijan took the 1st place on oil supplies to Italy and Croatia in 2023, ABC.AZ reports with reference to Eurostat.

In 2023, the EU countries, including Italy and Croatia, imported the maximum amount of oil from Azerbaijan over the past four years, about 20.3 million tons (an increase of 2.6% year-on-year). The cost of oil supplied is estimated at 12.4 billion euro (a decline of 18% year-on-year).

Among the EU countries, Top 10 of the largest importers of oil from Azerbaijan in 2023 included Italy (11.3 million tons for 6.8 billion euro), the Czech Republic (2 million tons for 1.2 billion euro), Spain (1.4 million tons for 875.2 million euro), Germany (1.2 million tons for 750.3 million euro), Croatia (1.15 million tons for 699.2 million euro), Portugal (631,300 tons for 404.6 million euro), Ireland (617,300 tons for 375.3 million euro), Greece (529,600 tons for 309.4 million euro), Austria (498,700 tons for 306.6 million euro) and Romania (435,500 tons for 262.2 million euro).