Zangazur corridor to increase transportation capacity of Middle Corridor to 8-10 million tons a year

15:11 - 27.02.2024

February 27, Fineko/ According to estimates, the Zangazur Corridor will increase the transportation capacity of the Middle Corridor to 8–10 million tons per year.

ABC.AZ reports that Rahman Hummatov, Deputy Minister of Digital Development & Transport, said about this at the regional event on the Middle Corridor in Georgia.

He added that implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects with the participation of local and foreign companies continues in the liberated districts of Azerbaijan.

“Another priority project is the creation of transport communication from the East Zangazur economic region to Türkiye. This connection will create great opportunities for the development of the transport and logistics sectors and will be a part of the Middle Corridor."

Hummatov noted that from a technical point of view, the Zangazur corridor will significantly reduce transportation time: "Thanks to this, there will be an increase in annual transit opportunities. We are committed to realizing the full potential of the Middle Corridor and ensuring its continued success as a vital artery of trade."

"Over the past two months, 13 block trains were sent from China via the Trans-Caspian International Transit Route, and thanks to the measures taken, these containers took only 12 days to arrive in Georgian ports, while it took 40–50 days before," the deputy minister said.

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