Owners of Telegram channels to start receiving up to 50% of advertising revenue

15:21 - 29.02.2024

February 29, Fineko/abc.az. Owners of Telegram channels will receive up to 50% of advertising revenue from March 2024, ABC.AZ reports, quoting Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

He clarified that transfer of finances will be carried out through TON blockchain. Accordingly, the owners of telegram channels will receive income in the form of toncoin, a cryptocurrency used in the Open Network.

"In March, Telegram advertising platform will be officially opened to all advertisers in almost 100 new countries. Channel owners in these countries will start receiving 50% of any revenue that Telegram receives from displaying ads on its channels," Durov said.

He added that channel owners can either cash out these funds or reinvest them in the promotion and modernization of their channels.

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