Consideration of applications is possible for own house construction in liberated lands

11:36 - 6.03.2024

March 6, Fineko/ Applications from those wishing to build their own homes in the liberated territories can be considered, ABC.AZ informs with reference to Cabinet Ministers’ activity report for 2023.

The reconstruction process is carried out on the basis of the General Plan of the Liberated Territories developed on the Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic regions and approved by the Cabinet Ministers.

Within the state program, work continues in the occupation-liberated territories on creation of a network of social services in the field of human capital development, health care, social protection, culture and sports, construction of schools and preschool educational institutions and other public services, as well as to strengthen their material and technical base. Several educational institutions have already been built and put into operation: "Along with this, cooperation with the private sector and civil society is important in terms of expanding financial support for the restoration and reconstruction of territories, attracting investments and saving budget funds. If there are specific requests from persons wishing to participate in the restoration and construction processes, they can be considered on the merits in accordance with the approved plans for the restoration and reconstruction of settlements.”