Investment in Azerbaijan's economy up by 15%

17:03 - 13.03.2024

March 13, Fineko/ Over Jan-Feb of this year, investment in fixed capital in Azerbaijan amounted to 2.638 bn manats ($1.55 bn), marking a 15.5% growth from a year earlier.

ABC.AZ reports, citing the State Statistics Committee, that over the past year, investments in the oil & gas sector increased by 12.5% and in the non-oil/gas sector by 17.1%.

Over the reported term, 1.439 bn manats ($850 million), or 54.6%, were made in production, 1.064 bn manats ($0.63 billion), or 40.3%, in services, and 133.7 million manats ($78.65 million), or 5.1%, in housing construction.

Domestic funds constituted 2.1 bn manats ($1.25 bn, or 80.4%) of the funds directed to fixed capital, and construction and installation work amounted to 1.9 bn manats ($1.13 bn, or 72.8%).