341,000 tourists arrived in Azerbaijan in 2 months

14:47 - 19.03.2024

March 19, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Feb 2024, 341,000 foreigners and stateless persons from 167 countries arrived in Azerbaijan (46.7% more against Jan-Feb 2023.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Statistics Committee that 26.8% of tourists came from Russia, 19.9% from Türkiye, 9.8% from Iran, 6.9% from India, 4.8% from Georgia, 3.4% from Saudi Arabia, 2.7% from the UAE, the same number of citizens from Kazakhstan and Pakistan, 2.1% - from Kuwait, 1.8% from Uzbekistan, 1.5% from Turkmenistan, 1.3% from Oman, the same number from Ukraine, 1.1% from Belarus, 11.2% from other countries.

Of those who arrived in the country, 73.9% were men, 26.1% were women.

Compared with Jan-Feb 2023, the number of arrivals from the Persian Gulf countries grew 1.7-fold up to 68,900 people, from the EU member states 1.6-fold up to 11,100 people, from the CIS countries by 31.4% up to 122,800 people.

67.6% of foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in our country used air transport, 31.0% traveled by rail and road, and 1.4% by sea.