Rate of tourists from these countries has increased this year

14:54 - 19.03.2024

March 19, Fineko/abc.az. During the year, the number of arrivals from China in Azerbaijan has grown 4.1-fold.

ABC.AZ reports that speech is about tourists who visited Azerbaijan for Jan-Feb 2024.

Thus, the number of tourists from Saudi Arabia increased 2.8-fold, from India 2.7-fold, from Kyrgyzstan 2.6-fold, from Bahrain 2.5-fold, from Kazakhstan 2.4-fold, from Tajikistan 2.4-fold, from Philippines 2-fold, from Oman 1.9-fold, from Spain 1.9-fold, from Uzbekistan 1.9-fold, from South Korea 1.9-fold, from Jordan 1.8-fold, from Italy 1.8-fold, from Turkmenistan 1.7-fold, from Egypt 1.7-fold, from Yemen 1.7-fold, from Kuwait 1.6-fold, from Iran 1.6-fold, from Poland by 47.7%, from Türkiye by 38.8%, from France by 38.5%, from Ukraine by 31.7%, from Pakistan by 28%, from Germany by 27%, from Georgia by 24.5%, from the USA by 24.3%, from Moldova by 23.9%, from Russia by 21.5%, from the Netherlands by 20.9%, from Belarus by 14%, from the UK by 13.9%, from Qatar by 11.9%.