Cost of local tourism is the same as that of foreign tourism

11:07 - 1.04.2024

April 1, Fineko/ Hotel prices in the regions have risen slightly this year.

ABC.AZ reports that if last year in one of the hotels in Guba the daily cost of a standard room for 2 people was 80 manats, now it is 100 manats. The hotel informed that this price is also set temporarily, it will increase closer to the summer.

The price is offered in the range of 125-160 manats per night, at best only with breakfast. Tourism expert Rahman Guliyev says that the reasons for the price increase in local hotels vary from year to year.

Accommodation for 6 nights at the hotel costs 750 manats (125 manats per night) and includes only breakfast. And the price for lunch and dinner is more than 1,000 manats together.

It can be concluded that for this price you can relax in neighboring Türkiye and Georgia.