Tea plantations expand in Lankaran

17:33 - 1.04.2024

April 1, Fineko/abc.az. One of the important factors in development of tea growing, obtaining a high and high-quality harvest, are certified seeds.

The owners of farms in Lankaran pay special attention to this factor, ABC.AZ reports. Tea varieties with high yields were planted on a 50-hectare plantation in Osakyucha village. The farm, which supplies tons of produce annually, now also provides itself with seeds.

Miraga Hasanov, a representative of the tea farm, said that 38 hectares of fields have already been harvested. The remaining 12 hectares will yield crops in the coming years. In addition, it is planned to plant tea on another 25 hectares. Preparations are already underway for this, and seeds are being sown.

The sunny weather after intense rains also created favorable conditions for planting. The seeds collected from the plantations in December are now being sown for seedlings. Since the delay is a month, efforts are being made to speed up the work. Boarding and care are carried out with the help of Turkish specialists. First, the composition of the soil is studied to determine which minerals are excessive or insufficient in it, after eliminating the deficiency, the planting process begins.

According to agronomist Aykhan Yalchinkai, along with sowing seeds, seedlings are being planted. According to him, it is planned to plant about 400,000 seeds in special containers. On the newly established tea plantations, the first harvest will be harvested in 3 years.

Two-year-old seedlings in the amount of 500 thousand pieces grown on another part of the farm will be transplanted into the soil in the autumn months. Thus, the plantation area will be increased to 100 hectares.

Currently the total area of tea plantations in Lankaran is 552 hectares.