Animal identification and registration system to control entrance to and exit from markets

11:03 - 3.04.2024

April 3, Fineko/ In Azerbaijan, animals entering and leaving markets will be controlled by a special system.

ABC.AZ reports that the markets will be registered by the Food Safety Agency (AQTA) in the "Animal Identification & Registration System", which will allow the identification of animals entering and leaving the market and tracking them through the system.

This process will take place as part of the measures taken in relation to the shortcomings identified as part of the monitoring conducted by AQTA in animal markets. Thus, based on the results of the monitoring, the Agency will take measures in the animal markets, taking into account the identified shortcomings. Due to the fact that animal markets are of particular importance from angle of risks that create prerequisites for epizootic instability in the republic, state veterinary supervision will be provided in the markets, for which appropriate conditions and working hours will be formed.