Premiums and payments on voluntary personal insurance increased

10:45 - 6.04.2024

April 6, Fineko/ The premiums and payments on voluntary personal insurance observed growth in Azerbaijan.

Over Jan-Feb 2024, the premiums on this type of insurance amounted to 64.246 million mantas (1.828 million manats, or 3% less against Jan-Feb 2023 – 66.7 million manast), ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Central Bank.

The payments on this kind of insurance totaled 14.353 million mantas (2.96 million manats or 26% more than a year earlier).

The insurance payments were made in the amount of 11.392 million manats. And the loss rate for Jan-Feb 2024 was 22% (a rise of 5% against the 2023 same term - 17%).