Fewer travelers started traveling to Azerbaijan from these countries

12:27 - 6.04.2024

April 6, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Feb 2024, there was sharp decline in the number of tourists arriving in Azerbaijan from the two countries.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Statistics Committee that the countries in which this drop was most observed were Israel and Iran. Over the first 2 months of 2024, 956 tourists arrived in Azerbaijan from Israel. The number of tourists is 404 people or 30% less versus Jan-Feb 2023. For Jan-Feb 2023, 1,360 tourists arrived from Israel.

The number of arrivals from Iran in Azerbaijan reached 1,837 people (584 people or 24% less than a year earlier). In two months of 2023, 2,421 tourists arrived in Azerbaijan.

In addition, Norway, Syria and Romania are among the countries from which the number of tourists has decreased. The number of arrivals from Norway declined by 41 people or 21% over the past year, from Syria - by 23 people or 20%, and from Romania - by 1 person (1%).