ACA chair: Coordination between some structures is weak in Azerbaijan

15:40 - 8.04.2024

April 8, Fineko/ Coordination work between some structures in Azerbaijan is poorly organized, and integration between databases is not perfect.

ABC.AZ reports that Accounts Chamber’s chairman Vugar Gulmammadov said about this at today's meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship - during the discussion of the report on the activity of his organization for the past year.

He added that the identified shortcomings of the audits of financial and regulatory support conducted in 2023, and the opinions of auditors, depending on the degree of their prevalence, can be grouped into 3 areas:

"Positive feedback and feedback on compliance with all criteria were given to 4 institutions. A conclusion was given on the requirements of legal acts for 19 institutions, with the exception of conditionally positive and some issues. A negative conclusion was issued for 13 institutions and non-compliance with the criteria established by law in all significant aspects."