Inefficient expenditures for nearly 157 million manats revealed in 2023

17:30 - 8.04.2024

April 8, Fineko/ Last year, Azerbaijan revealed that the institutions covered by the conducted efficiency checks and other inspections committed inefficient expenditures in the amount of 156.8 million manats.

ABC.AZ informs that this was noted in the Accounts Chamber’s report on activity for 2023.

Thus, 1.1 million manats were spent on the purchase of medicines and other medical products with expired or expiring shelf life, 42 million manats on unused equipment or goods, 24.6 million manats on unnecessary activity or purchases.

During the audits in Nakhchivan, a number of discrepancies were found in the payment of wages in the process of settlements with employees at control facilities. Thus, when awarding a qualification degree, the requirements of the legislation were not taken into account, excessive remuneration was accrued to employees, incorrect calculations for overtime were made, and deductions from wages were not properly carried out.