To attention of dollar-holder persons

11:09 - 9.04.2024

April 9, Fineko/ The U.S. Federal Reserve System (FRS) has already begun to optimize interest rates after their sharp increase. At that, the global market is witnessing an increase in the dollar exchange rate against a number of leading currencies. And in relations with the dollar and the euro, there has been a recent strengthening of the former, ABC.AZ reports, quoting MP Vugar Bayramov.

The MP added that strengthening of the US dollar is also observed in neighboring countries: "For Jan-Feb in Azerbaijan, the demand for the dollar was higher. While demand was high at auctions from March to April in the first place, at the last auction (April 4) we witnessed optimization and a decline in demand for dollars.

Bayramov noted that in the coming months of 2024, the exchange rate of the manat will depend on the position of the Central Bank.

"Our country has not switched to floating currency regime. We have regulated currency regime. Therefore, the exchange rate of the manat will practically be influenced by the position of the Central Bank, as well as the state of the balance of payments," the MP said.