Telegram releases an update with a convenient feature

11:23 - 15.04.2024

April 15, Fineko/ Telegram developers have released a new version of their messenger, which has a sticker editor.

ABC.AZ reports that users can now create their own stickers or sticker packs right inside the app, according to company's blog.

To create a new sticker, you need to click on the button with the sticker image in the message input line. Then, in the panel that opens, click on the "+" button, after which the editor opens. You can select any photo in it and turn it into a sticker. There you can crop an image, cut out an object, remove the background, add an inscription, drawing, emoji, GIF or animated stickers from Telegram. You can also add a white outline to the cut object for better visibility.

After creating a sticker, the user can immediately send it to a chat or create a whole set of stickers by coming up with a name for a new sticker pack. You can add any stickers that are available in the messenger to the new set.

You can share your sticker pack by sending any sticker from it to your interlocutor. When you click on this sticker, you will see all the pictures from the set. In addition, each set has a unique link that can be used to quickly access the set. The full list of innovations is listed on the Telegram blog.

This method is faster and more convenient compared to the past, when you had to have images of a certain format and resolution to create a sticker.