Threads service to stop working in Türkiye

10:58 - 16.04.2024

April 16, Fineko/ Meta Corporation has announced the temporary termination of Threads service (analog of X) in Türkiye.

"We’ll continue constructive interaction with the regulator and hope to restore the service as soon as possible," Meta stressed, specifying that the work of company’s other services will not be limited.

As explained in corporation's statement, the work will be suspended from April 29 in accordance with the decision of the antimonopoly regulator of Türkiye.

In March, the Turkish regulator, the Competition Council, decided to impose temporary restrictive measures and impose a fine on Meta due to "abuse of a dominant position in the market".

The subject of the proceedings was unification of accounts in social networks Instagram and Threads.

Users do not have the opportunity to opt out of this, the regulator emphasizes. Such a situation, it is claimed, will "cause irreparable damage" to healthy development of competition in this sector.

Threads service competing with X was officially launched in July 2023. The number of subscribers reached 30 million in less than a day, and now their number exceeds 140 million people.