A wind farm to be built in Baku

11:29 - 17.04.2024

April 17, Fineko/abc.az. The Cabinet Ministers has defined some land plots owned by the state and municipal in the administrative territories of Baku city, Garadagh district and Absheron district as the territory of renewable energy sources.

ABC.AZ reports that in this regard, Prime Minister Ali Asadov signed a new decision, according to which the city of Baku is now classified as agricultural land, with a total of 3,375 hectares in state ownership in Mushfigabad village of Garadagh district, 19,875 hectares in state ownership in the administrative territory of Absheron district and 11.25 hectares in the ownership of Pirekashkul-Gobustan municipality of Absheron district, a land plot with an area of 34.5 hectares was defined as a territory of renewable energy sources for construction of a 240 MW wind power plant.