Lump-sum compensation to be paid to these persons in Azerbaijan

12:41 - 17.04.2024

April 17, Fineko/ Customs officials will be reimbursed for expenses and lump-sum compensation for moving to a new duty station, as well as for transporting property.

ABC.AZ reports that this is reflected in the proposed amendment to the "Regulation on Service in Customs Authorities", discussed at today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship.

According to the draft, the transfer of customs officials and their family members to a new place of service, as well as the costs of transporting their property and lump-sum compensation will be paid from finances envisaged in Article 334.1 of the Customs Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, listed in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant executive authority, to the account of the executive authority responsible for customs affairs (finances received by customs authorities from the sale of goods and vehicles, transferred to state ownership on the basis of court decisions on administrative offenses against offenses identified in the field of customs in the form of fines and Paragraph 224.1.5 of this Code (customs duties) and customs payments provided for in Articles 224.1.6 (fees). Officials of the customs authorities and their family members who do not have a place of residence due to a change of duty station in the customs authorities and, consequently, living in a rented apartment, will be paid monetary compensation for rental housing in the manner and in the amount established by the relevant executive authority, depending on the place of residence.