CityNet introduces the world's most renowned sports and entertainment channels!

14:12 - 18.04.2024

CityNet, the leading internet provider in the country, has started collaboration with world-famous TV platforms for the first time in Azerbaijan. As part of this collaboration, CityNet is introducing channels from “Blu-TV”, “Canal+Group” and “Setanta Sports” to Azerbaijan.  

Since March, CityNet customers have been enjoying Turkish exclusive content and series featuring famous movie stars for free on the "Blu-TV Play1" channel.

For CityNet's customers subscribed to the "Internet+TV" package, the channels such as Dizi, FilmBox, FilmBox Arthouse, FunBox UHD, Fast&FunBox, DocuBox, Gametoon, 360 TuneBox and FightBox are available at no additional cost.  These channels have been included in CityNet’s TV broadcasting service within the framework of the agreement with "SPI International," which is part of the "Canal+ Group". Customers can watch Hollywood movies, documentaries, Turkish-produced series, various entertaining shows, gaming content and listen to music in different genres on these channels.

“Setanta Sports” channels, broadcasting the world's top-tier football leagues, significant sports competitions like the NBA, F1, as well as major tennis tournaments, are now available for CityNet customers. The subscription fee for the package covering “Setanta Sports” and other sports channels («Футбол», «Матч» and etc.) is 2 AZN. Existing CityNet customers can enjoy the benefits of this package free of charge for the first month.Top of Form

CityNet is a constantly growing Internet provider that offers high-speed fixed Internet, landline telephone connection and television services (more than 240 channels, including 120 HD channels). To obtain detailed information please call *1177 or visit the company’s website