Norway's sovereign wealth fund earned yield of 1.21 trillion Norwegian kroners for Q1

17:43 - 18.04.2024

April 18, Fineko/ The Norwegian State Pension Fund (the Oil Fund), the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, recorded an investment return of 6.3%, or 1.21 trillion Norwegian kroners ($110 billion) in the first quarter of 2024, amid rising stock markets and weakening of the national currency.

According to Fund's statements, the amount of assets under its management at the end of March totaled 17.72 trillion kronors. Investments in shares made up 72.1% of the investment portfolio, bonds - 26%, real estate - 1.8%, investments in assets in the field of renewable energy sources - 0.1%.

In the 1st quarter, the return on shares in Fund's portfolio amounted to 9.1%, leveling losses from investments in fixed income instruments of 0.4%, in real estate (minus 0.5%) and renewable energy (minus 11.4%).