Bank Avrasiya reduced its profit by 23%

12:12 - 19.04.2024

April 19, Fineko/ Bank Avrasiya completed Q1 2024 with net profit of 1.202 million manats.

ABC.AZ reports that bank's net profit for the year fell by 353,000 manats or 23%. The bank did not pay income tax.

In 2023, bank's interest income decreased by 268,000 manats or 7% to 3.599 million manats, and interest expenses by 191,000 manats or 24% to 606,000 manats.

Bank Avrasiya received 3.124 million manats of interest income on loans to its customers (150,000 manats or 5% more than a year earlier).

Thus, net interest income amounted to 2.616 million mantas (609,000 manats or 19% less than a year ago).

Bank's non-interest income totaled 529,000 manats and non-interest expenses – 1.659 million manats.