Azerbaijan is one of 10 countries to which Russia supplies most of all wood 

16:32 - 19.04.2024

April 19, Fineko/ Over Jan-Mar 2024, Russia exported 4.27 million cu m of lumber (3.5% less versus last year's same term. Azerbaijan is among the Top 10 importers of Russian lumber.

ABC.AZ reports that for the first time Türkiye entered Top 3 of main countries importing Russian lumber, increasing supplies 3.2-fold. At that, deliveries dropped in the main traditional destinations — China and Uzbekistan, which indicates redistribution of trade flows.

"Supplies to Türkiye are growing after last year's February earthquakes and amid large-scale infrastructure projects. New logistics routes are currently being worked out to accelerate the delivery of forest goods from Russia to Türkiye," a Russian source says.

Top 10 of importers of Russian lumber also includes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Japan and Kyrgyzstan. All of them, except Japan, have reduced import volumes. Deliveries to Japan grew by 4.2%.
An increase in deliveries of lumber was also observed to the UAE, Lebanon, as well as to Singapore, Afghanistan, Jordan, Taiwan, India, Georgia, Belarus, Serbia, etc.