AQC chairman: Construction works in Karabakh to increase flow of construction materials to country

15:38 - 26.04.2024

April 26, Fineko/ Infrastructure is being restored in Karabakh and very large construction is planned. These works require large flow of construction materials into the country.

ABC.AZ reports that this opinion was expressed by Vugar Oruj, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of Appraisers (AQC).

He noted that this flow and demand will also affect the prices of building materials:

"Since the recovery is on an upward trend, building materials will also become more expensive. It is also an integral part of the process of price growth in the real estate market. The decline in prices for building materials is an abnormal trend. All processes give reason to assume an increase in prices in this area. There can be no reverse. But if this happens, it will be due to external interference in the market or will be temporary. Our lands have been liberated from occupation, and the process of rebuilding the infrastructure has begun. As a result, the inflow of investments and interest in the country has increased. New realities and the ground for economic development have been created in Azerbaijan. The tastes and interests of the population have also changed a lot. Our citizens began to live in apartments with more comfortable conditions and more opportunities. The development of the Baku Master Plan and the goals set by the government plays a role here. What is happening should be considered as the impact of changes in the country's economy on the lives of citizens," Oruj believes.