Interest to voluntary health insurance has fallen

17:12 - 1.05.2024

May 1, Fineko/ The premiums and payments on voluntary medical insurance in Azerbaijan have been made public.

ABC.AZ reports that for Jan-Mar 2024, the premiums on this type of insurance amounted to 68.635 million manats (1.909 million manats, or 3% less against Jan-Mar 2023).

Over Jan-Mar 2023, this figure reached 70.544 million manats.

Compensations on this type of insurance were paid for 20.262 million (3.222 million manats or 19% more than a year earlier).

The insurance payments were made for 17.4 million manats.

The loss rate for Jan-Mar 2024 was 30% (a rise of 5% versus Jan-Mar 2023 when the loss rate reached 25%).