List of countries with the largest debt to U.S.

12:50 - 2.05.2024

May 2, Fineko/ The list of countries with the largest debt to the United States has been published.

ABC.AZ reports that this list appeared as a result of a Statsverse study. According to research, Japan owes most of all to the U.S. ($1.1 trillion).

Here is the list of countries that owe the most to the U.S.:

1.Japan: $1.1 trillion

2.China: $859 billion

3.Great Britain: $668 billion

4.Belgium: $331 billion

5.Luxembourg: $318 billion

6.Cayman Islands: $284 billion

7.Switzerland: $290 billion

8.Ireland: $255 billion

9.Canada: $254 billion

10.Taiwan: $234 billion