These persons are paid 1,380 manats

11:46 - 6.05.2024

May 6, Fineko/ One of the lump-sum benefits applied in Azerbaijan is the payment to persons in need of medical and social assistance who have been released from serving their sentences. Despite the legislative consolidation of this benefit, monitoring shows that the number of people using these payments is small. However, this is an important opportunity to receive benefits for citizens released from punishment.

ABC.AZ reports that MP Vugar Bayramov, a member of the parliament's Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship, wrote about this on his social network account.

He noted that the allowance is provided to persons released from serving their sentences, who need medical and social assistance.

"At that, payment is made on the grounds established by law, with the presentation of a certificate issued by penitentiary institutions to persons released from serving a sentence of imprisonment for a certain period and life imprisonment.

The application for the assignment of benefits is considered no later than 10 days from the date of its registration and an appropriate decision is made. When making a decision to refuse to assign benefits, an official notification is provided to the applicant within 5 days indicating the reasons for the refusal. For those who have the right to do so, but have not applied before, the opportunity to receive payment is also provided. Thus, social benefits are paid for a maximum of three years prior to the date of application, if there is a right to receive them. That is, if a citizen has been released from serving his sentence for the last 3 years and has not applied for benefits, then he is still entitled to it," Bayramov said.