Azerbaijan withdraws several series of medicines from circulation

17:34 - 6.05.2024

May 6, Fineko/ Several series of drug Aminoselect from the Italian manufacturer are being withdrawn from circulation in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that the decision was made on the basis of laboratory analyses of product samples at the Analytical Expertise Center of the Ministry of Health.

"As a result of lab analyses, dark particles of a foreign substance were found in samples of solutions for injection Aminoselect 500 ml and Aminoselect 250 ml produced by Italian company Industriya Farmasyutika Qalenika Senese SR (according to the manufacturer's regulatory document, mechanical impurities or particles of foreign substances should not be present in the medicinal solution intended for intravenous administration). Due to the possible danger to the life and health of citizens, it was decided to withdraw the 2300311 series from circulation; 2300312 Aminoselect 500 ml and 2301012, 2301013, 2300469, 2300470 Aminoselect 250 ml, the Center says.