Record results achieved in manufacture and export of some food products

15:52 - 13.05.2024

May 13, Fineko/ The reforms carried out in recent years in our country, together with other sectors in the field of food safety, have created opportunities to provide the population with safer food products, as well as for the widespread export of these products. The export of a number of food products made in our country has increased, and record results have been achieved in the production and export of some food products.

ABC.AZ reports that Mansur Piriyev, the head of the Information Support & Innovative Solutions Department of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AQTA), said about this.

He noted that permits have been obtained for the export of aquaculture caviar, various seafood, wool and leather from our country to the European Union.

"The export of horses to Kazakhstan has been resumed, and permission has been obtained to export food eggs to Russia. Simplified exports of nuts to the European Union and exports of poultry meat and other poultry products to China were also achieved. All this has become possible due to the fact that entities operating in the food sector have adapted their activities to international standards and improved the safety and quality of their products," he underlined.