Trendyol also increases cost of transportation services

11:34 - 14.05.2024

May 14, Fineko/ Well-known Turkish online sales company Trendyol has made changes to the cost of goods delivery services to Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that the corresponding prices have increased 2.5-fold.

It is claimed that from today higher transportation costs are required for products. We have contacted Trendyol Azerbaijan in connection with this issue. In response to our request, the company was informed that there had been a change in the price of larger parcels:

"According to the new rules, prices for parcels of different volumes differ in a very small part of our assortment. The lowest DESI price remains at 79.99 TL for most products and has not changed. However, for larger parcels, this amount ranges from 99.99 to 399.99 TL. Our customers can see the corresponding freight prices on our platform when placing a delivery order."

DESI refers to the total size (width, length) of the parcel.